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We are here to help you make informed decisions while dealing with the most tragic and sorrowful of events in our lives—the death of a loved one. Through these pages, we will help you deal with legal issues, veterans' matters, and selection of various funeral home services.

Our web site also presents brief articles covering some of the things we can do while we are still living that will make our own final arrangements much easier on our loved ones, as well as how to proceed when it's time to contact a funeral home.

Remembering our loved ones the right way – your way!

In the past, it seemed all funerals had the same order; a cookie cutter approach. The "traditional funeral" would typically include a visitation period, followed by a church service, followed by a burial at a cemetery. Today, the "traditional funeral" has evolved into its own customary event. It is no longer about simply memorializing a death – It is about celebrating a life. At Sinnickson's, we encourage the families we serve to make their services as unique and as special as the person they loved and cherished.